Our Purpose

We are disciples


Because God loves us and desires our love in return,

  • We will make the worship of God a priority;

  • We will endeavor to be faithful in our attendance, dedicated in our stewardship, and enthusiastic in our participation;

  • We will treat one another with love and respect, and when conflict arises we will seek to follow a biblical model of peacemaking with a goal of personal reconciliation, unity in the church, and glory to God;

  • Moreover, we will find a group with whom we can study together, pray together, care for one another, and hold one another accountable for spiritual growth;

  • And because we have the responsibility and the privilege of leading others to Him, we will engage in a ministry that reaches people in our community with the love of Christ, seeking to lead them to salvation, meaningful church memebrship, and service in Christ's kingdom.

  • We are disciples who, in response to God's Great Command and God's Great Commission, are becoming a community of faith in a world of opportunity